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Sunz of Man Presents: Freedom of Speech
Sunz of Man Presents: Freedom of Speech
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Hell Razah & 4th Disciple is a collaboration effort from the two aforementioned artists. Razah hails from the Sunz of Man camp, while 4th is (or at least was) the in-house producer for Killarmy - both of the two crews are tightly connected due to individual members relationships, etc.The duo released their album Freedom of Speech in 2004 to high praise from fans. The album was entirely Razah vocals over 4th production with three bonus tracks which are taken from Hell Razah's first album "When Hell Breaks Loose" (2001).4th Disciple has also provided beats for Hell Razah's solo projects: "Glow" from Renaissance Child (2007) and "Cinematic" on his most recent album Heaven Razah (2010). Hell Razah has... read more