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Singer Hector Buitrago, best known as co-founder of the Colombian Latin alternative band Aterciopelados, is going solo. His inaugural album, “Conector,” is due out in the U.S. in June 2006. “Conector” features guest vocals from platinum-selling artists Julieta Venegas, Alex Ubago and Aterciopelados frontwoman Andrea EcheverriThe title, “Conector,” translates with a double-meaning of “with Hector” and also “Connector.” Buitrago is following in the footsteps of Aterciopelados frontwoman Andrea Echeverri, whose twice Grammy-nominated debut solo album was released last year (and produced by Buitrago).Other contributors to “Conector” are Colombian musicians Ever Suarez, Martina Camargo, and Noel Petro. The album is described by promoters... read more