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Halberg Larsen was one of the leading commercial bands in Denmark from 1981 - 1985, they were very populare and with songs that were a mix between pop & rock with influence from the american west coast became big hits in Denmark.The leading musicians in the band was Poul Halberg (guitars) & Mona Larsen (vocals). Poul Halberg moved to Copenhagen in 1967 were he became active on the musicscene, he started in 1975 the band "Grace" together with the keyboardplayer Mads Norregaard, and later on with him the band "Aorta" in 1977. In the beginning of 1997 Poul Halberg he made the band "Dagspressen" together with Jan Glaesel & Frans Bak, and played with this band from 1977-83.In 1978 he plays with... read more