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GrimmStine is a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band formed by Ex-Grim Reaper, Onslaught, Medusa vocalist, and NWOBHM legend, Steve Grimmett (from England), along with guitarist Steve Stine (from America). The two met at a show Steve Stine was playing at in the U.S. They began writing songs back and forth, via email and GrimmStine is the result. The band was formed in 2008, and released an album, the self-titled "GrimmStine", independently the same year.The band's style is a mix of classic and modern metal to create a CD of great diversity.Steve Grimmett - vocals (Medusa (UK), Grim Reaper, Chateaux, Lionsheart, Onslaught UK)Steve Stine - guitar (Methuselah, Dozer (US))Dave Johnson - drums (Methuselah, Sons of Poseidon, Denied by Christ... read more