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Grimegod was born in 1991, in Arad (Romania). The story starts in the autumn of 1991, when Tibor (vocals) and Hoit (guitars) created Grimegod. Three years later, the first demo tape was recorded and was sold in over 500 copies. The demo is called "Never Come Back" and because of it Grimegod was considered the first doom-death Romanian band. Line-up on "Never Come Back": Tibor K. - vocals, Aniela F. - female vocals, Hoit C. - guitar, Do B. - guitar, Ady L. - bass, Andy A. - keyboards and Gaby F. - drums. The first album, "Under The Sad And Silent Sky", was recorded one year later, at Pacific Home Studio, and was produced by Grimegod & Theo B. The band gets the 3rd position in Top... read more