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Godiego (ゴダイゴ, pronounced GO-DYE-GO) is a pop band from Japan, consisting of Mickie Yoshino, Yukihide Takekawa, Takami Asano, Steve Fox, and Tommy Snyder (all but Snyder were born in Japan, and Fox's mother is Japanese). Over their 34 year career (with hiatuses), Godiego have released 25 singles and 55 albums.They are perhaps best known for performing the song "Monkey Magic" for the 1978 television series "Saiyūki," which was brought over to the United Kingdom as "Monkey." This led to several releases through BBC Records, including "Monkey Magic," "Gandhara," and the LP "Monkey," which charted in the UK. Godiego are also noteworthy for performing the theme... read more