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Girls Can't Catch were a British girl group originally comprising Phoebe Brown, Daizy Agnew and Jess Stickley. All three girls were scouted by Polydor, and were then asked to be in a new girl band together.Prior to the formation of Girls Can't Catch, Brown was a member of Hope, a girl group which rose to fame on The X Factor. Hope made into the live shows, but were the seventh act eliminated (fifth place overall). Agnew, of MTV's Urban Base, was voted as the winner of the original Hugo Urban Rules (2006) by US soul legend Jo, UK rapper Sway, and Terri Walker. She went on to work with Colin Emmanual (aka 'C' Swing) and Gerard Logan (aka SoundBwoy), and the 411's Tisha Martin and Tanya Bonyface. In 2009, she... read more