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Code 666 - Religion Syndrome Deceased
Code 666 - Religion Syndrome Deceased
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Funeris Nocturnum has been dead and buried since April 2004. Ruho left the band in February and Trmnt.xes in April, and as a result of these line-up changes the remaining four of us pondered the future of the band for a little while. We all came to the conclusion that it would be best to continue with a new name and a new band. We tried and tried, but never seemed to come up with the perfect name for this new band of ours. This has been the sole reason we've sort of continued as Funeris Nocturnum. It has not been the same band and quite frankly no one really wants it to be, either. Now that we have finally chosen the name for our new band, we can officially lay Funeris Nocturnum to rest - there is no such band anym... read more