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A Chainsaw In the C**t
A Chainsaw In the C**t
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Funeral Rape is an Italian deathgrind/pornogrind group. In 2003, three underground hardcore-porn actors (Nick Bomba, Chicco Luciani and Manoel Altieri) decided to leave the world of porno films, and instead dedicate themselves to the world of grindcore music .The former purveyors of pussy took on new personas as well as new names for themselves: Assmasher, Lord Funeral and Cuntripper (the latter to be replaced by MadCock in 2008) Their newly formed band - FUNERAL RAPE.After a full length album "A Chainsaw In The Cunt" and a multi-track E.P. "Sexperiment" interest in the band has risen, and they are held in high esteem among fans of the genre.So, after 5 years of depravity, they're still here… &qu... read more