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Beautifully Made - Single
Beautifully Made - Single
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For a brief time (1998-2005) we made music. We played shows. We made friends. We smashed giant plastic snowmen to pieces. We toured. We got angry at each other. We became friends again. We played with some cool bands. We did some embarrassing things. We rocked out. We had fun. Full Surrender never really had a goodbye show, but due to the circumstances of life, we really couldn't continue to go at it with the fervor that we once did. It was in every-bodies best interest to call it quits and move on to new things. Musically those things are The Ring-out (for Tim), and Bob The Cow (for CG). Our website recently deceased, but we still check up on here regularly. We still have a ton of leftover merch. And it wouldn't be impossi... read more