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Fred Åkerström och Ruben Nilson
Fred Åkerström och Ruben Nilson
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Fred Åkerström (27 January 1937 - 9 August 1985) was a Swedish singer particularly noted for his interpretations of Bellman's music, and his own work of the typically Swedish song segment named visa. These songs, visor, are traditionally very narrative and the performance is "acted" to some degree. The singer is in context a vissångare, a troubadour's character. On surface level, Åkerström came to be noted for his actor's interpreations of Bellman's 18th century material, and his unusual ability to reach deep bass notes.Åkerstöm may early have aspired to become vissångare, being a devoted listener to Ruben Nilson. After performances at the famous vispråmen "Storken", he released his first record in 19... read more