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Beautiful Your Eyes - EP
Beautiful Your Eyes - EP
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Forest Rain has been creating Brony music since January 2012. Her work ranges from alternative, rock, and pop/punk to orchestral and pop. She is involved in several community projects, and was the creator and producer of "The Massive Smile Project". She is currently working as a songwriter on the fan-made feature-length film: "MLP:FiM Journey of the Spark".Forest has recently landed several spots on Everfree Network's Top 100 Brony Songs of 2012, with Join The Herd at #4, Great to be Different at #13, the Massive Smile Project at #18, and Hay Ms Derpy at #33.Forest Rain is on YouTube under the username "PutTrustInFate", and has been featured on Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, BronyTime, B... read more