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Forest of Souls were founded by Denis Barjettas (Bass Guitar) in the summer of 1994. By September the group included Wilfrid Rodel (drums), Jérome Deres (Vocal, Guitar) and soon after Georges Nogueira (Keyboards) joined. The first demo tape "War and Poetry" was self produced and 300 copies (tapes) were on sale during October/November 1994, all copies were sold quickly. Another 1500 copies (MCD) were produced for spring 1995 by Adipocere records. Towards the end of 1995, Jerome Deres decided to quit playing the guitar to concencerate on vocals and lyrics. At this stage a new member joined, Ferederic Mariotti (guitar). During that time Adipocere suggested the recording of a first album. The album was created during 1996 and recorded... read more
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