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First the Flash Then the Pulse
First the Flash Then the Pulse
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By definition, a Firebrand is a burning implement of creation and destruction, a visionary individual who incites others to conflict or action, one who deliberately foments trouble and radical change.FIREBRANDS the vision began as a group of revolutionary ideas, a search for truth and freedom under the surface of a straitjacket called home. While the media distract and confuse, there is incongruence, suppression and greed. What began as a question became an answer, then a journey. Seize the freedom in hand and never give up. Musical influences come from Rage Against the Machine, Led Zep, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Pink Floyd, Prodigy, Faith No More, Metallica and more. Band Members:Jachin Pousson - Drums (Louis... read more