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Fernando & Sorocaba is a country music band in Brazil. Fernando is Fernando Zorzanello Boniface (born April 21, 1984 in Ji-Paraná-RO) and Sorocaba is the stage name of Fernando Fakra of Assisi (born September 15, 1980 in São Paulo-SP). Fernando began singing when he was living in Cuiabá, where he moved at age 15 and Sorocaba when he was on the college of agronomy in Londrina. He earned this nickname because it was created in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo.Sorocaba moved to Londrina, where he was studying at College of Agronomy, and there he achieved recognition with his compositions. In 2006 she recorded her first CD and DVD, independently. This city was the namesake of Parana, which met and decided to form a country band.In 2008, the... read more