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Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana, and Dale Crover, of Melvins, formed the band Fecal Matter in 1985, later joined in 1986 by Melvins' Buzz Osborne on bass (played by Crover on the demo). Though it was short-lived, this band made a demo tape. Crover said he was leaving the band to work more with Melvins (already formed). Only one set of recordings was actually ever put out by this band, the 'Illiteracy Will Prevail' demo, consisting of 15 known songs.Only one song has been officially released, which was the track 'Spank Thru' on Nirvana's compilation "Sliver - The Best of the Box", however "Downer" was later recorded in a faster tempo by Nirvana and appeared on issues of their debut "Bleac... read more