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Remotecontrolled Scythe
Remotecontrolled Scythe
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COMPLETE BIOGRAPHY The story behind Enter My Silence dates back to late 1995, when drummer Teemu Hokkanen and bassist Arto Huttunen with guitarists Ville Lapio and Tuomas J├Ąppinen - who also did vocals - teamed up to form a melodic metal outfit Captivity. The quartet wrote material and rehearsed for a year to record their first three track demo tape in November 1996. It wasn't meant for wide distribution or media/label contact, but merely for the group of teenagers to gain valuable experience in working in professional studio environment. Some months and a few youth club gigs later, Lapio left the band and Huttunen switched to guitar, leaving the bass players seat open. In 1997, people came and went, but no suitable bassist was... read more