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Listening to the ear-shatteringly vibrant, in-your-face tones of Electrovamp’s debut single “I Don’t Like The Vibe In The VIP”, it would be easy to assume that the duo were tough-talking booty bass electro-rock chicks … and you’d be right! In fact, they’re two of the sexiest, sassiest, stunningest sisters from Caerphilly in South Wales and based in Swansea who just happen to have enough attitude for the entire country!Kally (17) and Tammy (18) met when they were born – they’re sisters, duh! Barely out of nappies, the girls used to jump up and down on their beds miming to Wacko Jacko hits until Kally banged her head on the ceiling – she was on the top bunk! After Tammy reluctantly gave up her ambition to be a petrol pump attendant, th... read more