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Heading for the Night (Classic 7
Heading for the Night (Classic 7" Mix) - Single
Talking With Myself - Remixes
Talking With Myself - Remixes
Electribal Memories
Electribal Memories
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Electribe 101 was a British based electronic music group in the late 1980s / early1990s, managed by Tom Watkins of Bros, Pet Shop Boys, and 2wo Third3 fame.Named for a Soviet refrigerator (not the Korg line of musical instruments - the band predates those by a decade), the band was comprised of four electronic composers/producers from Birmingham (Brian Nordhoff, Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, and Roberto Cimarosti) and a female vocalist from Hamburg in Germany (Billie Ray Martin).Before signing to Mercury Records in 1988, they released their first single Talking With Myself without much success. However before the next single release, Billie Ray Martin guested with Eric Robinson of Eric and the Good Good Feeling on the S'Express reco... read more