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It's Jimi
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Jimi "DJ Jimi" Payton was a club deejay who also worked with DJ Irv in the early 1990's. Working out of a club called Big Man's, Jimi honed his crowd-hyping skills, and in 1992 he was signed to Isaac Bolden's Soulin' Records. He recorded a single for the label entitled (The Original) Where They At, which was similar to Tucker's song, but far from identical. Jimi's song introduced infectious chants like "Put a hump in your back and shake your rump" and "Shake that ass like a salt shaker," while the complex and layered production by Dion "Devious" Norman and Derrick "Mellow Fellow" Ordogne was much more complex and polished than Tuckler and Irv's previous rel... read more