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Dingo Music, Vol. 1
Dingo Music, Vol. 1
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Dingo is a Finnish rock band formed around 1982 in Pori, Finland. They fused Finnish melancholy with catchy rock melodies, headed by the charismatic singer Neumann (a.k.a. Pertti Nieminen). Their first two albums, Nimeni on Dingo (1984) and Kerjäläisten valtakunta (1985) both sold over 100,000 copies in Finland and they caused mass hysteria among teenage girls as they were seen as the finnish equivalent of Duran Duran. The hysteria took its toll as the band crashed and burned fast, splitting up in October 1986, after their third album Pyhä klaani had failed to match the sales of its predecessors. Failure however was a relative concept, as their sales of 70,000 copies pretty much outsold everybody else with a large margin. Ban... read more