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De Dikke Lul Band are a Dutch band that originated in 1990 in Leeuwarden in Friesland. In 1994, out of the blue, the band made 3rd place in the Dutch charts with their unforgettable hit, Dikke Lul, which is a lyrically risque cover of the Radetzky March.The duo are keyboard-player, guitarist and singer Arie Kuipers, and drummer and singer, Arjen Kamminga. Both musicians have distinguished careers behind them which started in the early 1960s and formed the band as a tongue-in-cheek exercise to amuse themselves and their friends.From these humble origins, the band become an 'underground' national institution, berated by a few, yet celebrated by those with an ear for lyrics that narrate the unspoken humour, irony, wit and po... read more