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1) or DIE! is an Industrial metal band formed in Germany in 1995 . Their sound can also be categorized as Neue deutsche haerte. The original singer Oliver Jung left the band in 2006 after releasing their third album [album artist=]Stigmata. The next vocalist was Mathias 'Jablonski' Elsholz, formerly known from Megaherz and Twelve After Elf. Their fourth full-length album [album artist=]Still was well-received in 2009. New songs for the next album were recorded in 2011.On April 30, 2012 it was announced on the band's Facebook page that three members, including the vocalist Mathias Elsholz, would be leaving the band due to various reasons. 2) An Italian old school hardcore / thrash band, based in Rome. They`ve relased... read more
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