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Almost Complete
Almost Complete
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Deep Wound was a hardcore punk band, which formed in 1982 in Westfield, MA. They released one self-titled 7" and contributed 2 songs to the compilation LP Bands That Could Be God. Both releases are sought after by fans and record collectors alike. They are often noted as being, along with Siege, one of the early inspirations for grindcore due to the young J Mascis's (later of Dinosaur Jr.) manic drumming.J Mascis & Charlie Nakajima lived in Amherst, MA, and attended high school with each other. In 1982, J met Scott at the Oi singles bin in Main Street Records. He would soon be on bass. Scott posted a flier soon after looking for musicians into Anti-Pasti, Discharge and the like. J called to audition and had his dad driv... read more