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Deadwater Drowning - EP
Deadwater Drowning - EP
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The mystique and buzz about Deadwater Drowning was kind of hard to understand. I accredit the group with being the band to finally get me off my ass and get this label started. I received a one song demo back at Hellfest 2002 and was simply floored. We stayed in touch and eventually, arrangements were made for the release of the now legendary self-titled MCD. From the tax-free state of NH, the group hit the ground running with their one and only tour alongside The Red Chord, Black Dahlia Murder and Premonitions of War as well as an appearance at Hellfest in 2003. Shortly after, founding member, Jonny Fay, left and the group, never able to recapture their momentum, wound up disbanding in 2004. Oddly, the group sold more CD's aft... read more