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Talk Is Cheap - EP
Talk Is Cheap - EP
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Updated August 19th, 2009 Dave Melillo has recently left Cute Is What We Aim For. and has posted this statement:At the beginning of July Mikey, Jeff, some family friends, and I sat down with Shaant. We told him the things he needed to change as far as attitude and demeanor goes. I want to make it known that I shut him out of my life after that. He needed to be on his own if he was going to do anything positive for himself. There was not a visible change in his attitude or work ethic when I got back to Buffalo, so I decided to live my own life.He looks like a typical teenager, but there is nothing typical about Dave Melillo. At 20, he is a gifted singer/songwriter, a road-tested club veteran and the latest addition to the Drive... read more