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Light the Match - Single
Light the Match - Single
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Dark Reality was a band from Mainz, Germany, formed in 1992.Their first album, "Umbra Cineris", shows a prominent death doom metal sound, however, on their second album, "Blossom of Mourning", the band added elements from progressive and folk music, but still keeping some guttural vocals.On their third album, "Oh Precious Haze Pervade the Pain", the band fully embraces a folk rock style, giving a radical change to their sound, now close to art rock, with acoustic compositions, poetic lyrics and a medieval concept.Discography:1992 - Cruel Research (demo) 1994 - Umbra Cineris1995 - Blossom of Mourning1997 - Oh Precious Haze Pervade the PainLast line-up:Andres Waldura - vocals, crumhorn (also in Impression... read more