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There is more than one artist with this name.1) Dark Opera was a Death Doom Metal band from Poland. Formed in 1991, by a young and aspiring musician: Paul Józwiak who already done a Demo (1991) for his Death metal band Pandemonium wanted to try something new, to form a Death Doom Metal band which would be known as Dark Opera. But time for his new band wasn't adequate enough when Józwiak done a second demo for Pandemonium in 1992: Devilri.Finally Józwiak had some time up his sleeve when he invited his childhood friends: Mariusz Makowski (drums) and Mikołaj Wójcik (guitar) to join his new band. They've then released their first demo: The Day of Pariah which was released in May 2nd 1992. Due to some line-up discrepancie... read more
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