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There are more artists named Darius:(1) French house artist from France.(2) Soft-pop singer from Scotland.(3) Neo-progressive rock band from Germany.(4) A psychedelic artist from the U.S.(5) A pseudonym used by Renard.(1) Darius (a.k.a. Terence N'guyen) is a French producer from Paris. His preferred genres usually range between house and disco, though many have pinpointed his sound in the "French touch" category. His work has been likened to Cassius, Fred Falke, and Daft Punk. To date, he has released two EPs via his label, Roche Musique - the critically-praised 'Velour', released in 2012, and his 2014 follow-up, 'Romance'. N'guyen is also a member of the nu-disco duo Cherokee, alongside Dorian Miche.... read more