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Cruel Youth is a band fronted by Teddy Sinclair, formerly known as Natalia Kills, the name she previously recorded two solo albums under the name being 2011’s “Perfectionist” & 2013’s “Trouble”.In 2016, Sinclair started the three-piece girl band. The 2 other members of Cruel Youth are Tina Hanäé & Lauren Stockner but their vocals do not appear in any Cruel Youth songs. The band's first EP "+30mg" was released on September 16, 2016.Cruel Youth sounds like The Ronettes on Oxy. Each song a narcotic lullaby, subtly laced with switchblade lyrics. A psychedelic jingle you might hear while waiting in line at a Western Union, or a laptop symphony soundtracking a car crash in slow motion. It’s as if... read more
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