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Starve Beg & Die A.k.a. Fuck You Kill MeAndroid (120 Ampere Opiate)When Human Compost Stains All Earth And Repels The Messengers Of LovePlaydumbFor Black Eyes Only A.k.a. Depopulate: Tears Of IlluminatiWormpasteWhite Trash HeadacheWhere The Hive HangsWe Wear The Gimp MaskUrsa MajorTwo-week NoticeTranquilizerThe Genocide MachineThe Buzzard BlizzardSunday's AgendaSons Of NamelessSleepwalkerJaracacaAvatar Of InnocenceWe Who Move With The Graven WormsBury The Ill FlockGerminate The Reaper SeedNo Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye SocketsRefuse To Kill The Same Way TwiceBorn On A BombshellSkull Of A Hermit - Brain Of A FaeryObsidian FlakesThe System As The Master DeceiverHost(age)TorchesEarth And LyeChemical GoatZero Comfort MarginStrip Naked For Your KillerChaos Crawls BackShadow Of The NarcissistScarecrow Trailer ParkExtreme Cannibal SmokeEldoradoDoom FarmerDigestive CeremonyDestiny Of The SlugCremationismCorsage Of Fresh Meat And Rotted PrideCorpses Of RefinementClawhammers And CameltoesCalmBring Her A Mushroom CloudBeethoven's ChildrenBarbarians And HenchmenAlkalineA Wooden Heart Never BleedsA Family Tree To Hang FromFour Walls And A FeelingFreethinkers Fight SongSalt Rock EyesRocketReturn To WaterPigeon Vs. CrowOnly One Per CoffinOak And IronMy Supernatural (bells Ring Slowly)Mother PigMigrationKing Cobra Vs Queen BeeIt's A Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A CrossImprint This Stake With Your NameHeidi's ArrowHarvest At DawnGrabbing NFrom Eros To Thanatos10 Fingers (my Last Ten Minutes)
Related Information for Circle Of Dead Children One of extreme metal's most revered brutal death metal mega-beasts, CoDC formed on Halloween, 1998, on the southern outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally, the crosshairs were pointed at little more than spraying down the Steel City sewers with a bombing concoction of crusty grind death and "maybe releasing a seven-inch someday". Countless lineup changes, an infamous string of obstacles as well as basements and stages across the country have been encountered and ultimat.. read more