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Chieko Kawabe Chieko Kawabe?) is a female J-pop singer. Born on February 24, 1987, she is best known for 'Be Your Girl', ending song of Elfen Lied, and 'Hoshi ni Negai Wo', ending song of Otogizoushi. Singing isn't her only talent, however, as she is starting to show a growing interest in acting. Arguably, her most notable roles have been of Sailor Moon relation. She made her debut in Winter 2001 as Sailor Mercury in the Sera Myu and continued in the role until she graduated in mid-2002. She appeared again in the Sailor Moon world as Tsukino Usagi's best friend, Osaka Naru in the 2003-2004 live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonProfileName: Kawabe Chieko... read more