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Chester BenningtonLead vocalist of Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, Stone Temple PilotsOrigin Phoenix, ArizonaCountry United StatesYears active 1992 to presentGenre(s) Nu-Metal, Rock, Post-grungeChester Charles Bennington a.k.a "Chazy Chaz" (born March 20, 1976) is the vocalist and co-writer of the band Linkin Park and former vocalist and writer of Grey Daze. He also has a side-project - Dead By Sunrise. When he was younger he practiced singing every day until his lungs and throat were sore to get the voice that he has now. He is notable for aggressive singing, screamed vocals, as well as melodic singingChester was born March 20, 1976 and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Chester's first instrument was the piano. While Che... read more
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