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Charlie Brown Jr. was a famous Brazilian rock band, from the city of Santos, Brazil. The band was formed in 1992, lasting until 2013, when Chorão was found dead in his apartment.Line Up:*Chorão(Alexandre Magno Abrão, 42 years old) - Vocals; *Thiago Raphael Castanho (30 years old) - Guitar; *Heitor Vilela Gomes (24 years old) Bass;*Pingüim (André Luis Ruas, 30 years old) - Drums;* HistoryWhen Chorão came to Santos at seventeen (after a difficult and somewhat traumatic childhood) he already had a strong interest in skateboarding and rock music. From time to time he would stand in for a singer of a local rock band when the guy had to go to the bathroom during a show. A musician in another saw Chorão performing during these bathroom... read more