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Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer
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BoxCar Racer was a short-lived side project formed in 2002 by two members of the band blink-182, featuring guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker. As lead member Tom DeLonge stated, "it was never a 'band' but rather a project" to experiment with and record ideas DeLonge felt did not fit with blink-182’s sound. Tom enlisted Travis Barker stating that the reason why he asked Barker to drum on the album is because he didn't want to pay for a studio drummer. Mark Hoppus made his feelings about this project known. Tom DeLonge said that he did not mean for Hoppus to feel that way and therefore stated that Box Car Racer would never reform.Taking Barker from blink-182 and David Kennedy they recorded their s... read more