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A King At Night After I Made Love To You Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise At Break Of Day Big Friday Blood Embrace Careless Love Cold & Wet Cursed Sleep Death In The Sea Death To Everyone Ease Down The Road Even If Love God's Small Song Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness Hard Life I Am Drinking Again I Called You Back I Came To Hear The Music I Gave You I See A Darkness Joy And Jubilee Just To See My Holly Home Lay And Love Lessons From What's Poor Love Comes To Me Madeleine Mary Master And Everyone Maundering May It Always Be Mrs William No Bad News Only Someone Running Rich Wife Full Of Happiness Sheep Strange Form Of Life The Lion Lair The Seedling The Way Three Questions Untitled (ebb Tide) Wai Wolf Among Wolves Time To Be Clear Willow Trees Bend You Don't Love Me There Will Be Spring Nomadic Revery No Match Weaker Soldier You Will Miss Me When I Burn Ohio River Boat Song You Can't Hurt Me Now There Is No God Rider The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each The Southside Of The World We Are Unhappy Take However Long You Want You Want That Picture Night Noises You Remind Me Of Something (the Glory Goes) Where Is The Puzzle Today I Was An Evil One One With The Birds Raining In Darling New Tibet Pushkin The Gator Riding Poor Shelter What's Missing Is Song For The New Breed O Let It Be Quail And Dumplings No Such As What I Want Viva Ultra New Partner No More Workhorse Blues Stablemate New Whaling So Everyone His Hands Knockturne Without Work You Have Nothing A Minor Place The Sun Shines Down On Me I'm Loving The Street West Palm Beach Black Dissimulation Let's Start A Family (blacks) Gulf Shores I Don't Belong To Anyone Heart's Arms More Brother Rides Agnes Queen Of Sorrow Arise Therefore Black Captain What Are You A Sucker's Evening Black Horses Cows Buried Treasure Little Boy Blue 2 The Brute Choir My Life's Work Forest Time Missing One Am I Demon Less Of Me (my Home Is The Sea) The World's Greatest I Am A Cinematographer Another Day Full Of Dread A Whorehouse Is Any House Then The Letting Go Beast For Thee Lie Down In The Light When Thy Song Flows Through Me You Are Lost Beware Your Only Friend I Am The Sky There Is Something I Have To Say Lift Us Up Dreaming My Dreams Afraid Ain't Me I've Seen It All I'll Be Glad Bed Is For Sleeping Death Final Easy Does It Door Of My Heart For Every Field There's A Mole I Am Goodbye I Send My Love To You Goat And Ram Is It The Sea I Confess (keep Eye On) Other's Gain Four Screams Cycles Blokbuster Barcelona Molly Bawn Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone
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Will Oldham (born 24 December 1970, Louisville, Kentucky) is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and musician. His music is often (perhaps inappropriately) placed under the genre of "alt-country". Oldham has recorded under many names, including Palace, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, and Bonnie Billy. He often plays and records with other musicians, including David Pajo and his brothers Ned and Paul Oldham, but is generally the chief creator of the music. He has also been involved in musical projects and bands such as Amalgamated Sons of Rest, The Anomoanon, The Boxhead Ensemble, Tortoise, and The Sundowners as well as releasing his first solo album in 1993. Oldham has said that the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy moniker has man... read more