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There are multiple artists called BOB:1. A Washington DC area based hard rock band.2. An early 80s San Francisco new wave/punk band 3. A Dutch punk-rock band.4. An Austrian electro-pop-band.5. A Swiss/German techno duo.6. An 80s British indie band. 7. A 90s/00s California Bay Area ska-punk band.8. A 90s post punk band from Atlanta.9. An Icelandic experimental/noise band.Biographies are listed below:1. The Washington DC based band:bob has been changed to "Super bob" (all lowercase) also found by going to www.superbobmusic.com or is Matt Santoro (vocals), Adam Smith (guitar), Carl Schmeig (bass), and Drew Recny (drums). bob's currently available full-length albu... read more