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There are multiple artists with this name. However, the name Berserk is sometimes misunderstood as soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa, who is the true artist. The misunderstanding involving the bands and the soundtrack could be avoided if the Berserk OST listeners change their tags to 平沢進.1) Berserk is a black metal band from Spain originating in 1998. The founding members were Forjstorm (guitar), LordMonk (bass), Frozen Wind (drums) and Gog (vocals and guitar).Some months later, in November 1998, a new member joined, Obitus (synthesizers).In December of 1999, they recorded their first demo called "Return of The Ancient Laws". In June 2000, Gog was expeled, then Nazak joined them as new vocalist.On summer 2000, the.. read more