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Hey Hey Look Look (Kappa Mikey) Get Up, Get Up Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Summerend Perfect Day Feel Disaster Solitaire Another TimeAnother Story Super Ko Rider Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Moon On The Water Follow Me E.c.d.t Gymnasium Clown For The Day Everybody Hates My Guitar Sound Rusk Love Dischord Isolations Block Bastard Little More Than Before (Slip Out) Love Potion Say Good Night Love Is Inspiration Be My Wife I Wanna Go To The Disko I Can See Clearly Now Japanese Girl Hit In The U.S.A. Day After Day Christine Droog In A Slum Zenith Winterlong Sibearian Giant Sail On! Hail On! Slash It Up Shadow Boxer Last Good-bye Time Flies Everything Goes Supercollider We're All Alone Jubilation Treason Call There She Goes Olgadies Hamburg Work It Out Base Bone Boogie Cum On Feel The Noize Cunt Buy Me Love Shoot The Sky Ponderosa (at The Speed Of Sound) Nothing To Lose Windom Delirious Let's Escape Together Reality Dancing Queen Mighty Mind The Disappointed New Song Fool Groove Jive Let's Get Back Sad Song Gts Rats Me Bang! Bang! Big Time Ghost Sasquatch Batari! Imagine Sky High Because Instant Karma! Mighty Blow Against All Odds Memento Sad Symphony Foresight E.m.o. Deride Capa City Second That Emotion Arakism B.a.d Last Song Garden In The Shell Triumph Joker In The Crotch Phantom Planet Shooting Star Saturday Good-bye Have You Seen Her Happy Overkill Sprite J.w.a Chinese Jet Set Monologue In My Heart Firestarter Eyes In The Sky Lemon Head Fairy Tale Soldiers In My Soul Balk Blister Blues Life In The Nation Heyx2 Lookx2 Let It Go Thunderstruck
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BEAT CRUSADERS was a Japanese rock/punk/pop group who were first formed in late 1997 by ヒダカトオル (Hidaka Tooru), primarily as an experimental lo-fi indie pop group. The first line-up of the group was originally a result of constant experimental shows performed in various locations around Tokyo. Their use of both old and new technology, combined with influences from various bands such as Weezer and Rentals, had transformed them into a melodic guitar-driven band. By late 1998, the group had started to settle into things and were rapidly gaining a reputation for being an energetic live band with catchy and fun songs that weren't to be missed within the independent music scene.The momentum from this carried on with the single "NE... read more