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B2Krazy were a dance pop group from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The group consist of two young instrumentalists, Zael and Brett (Ryan Kruger) (both born in 1985), rapper Revren (born in 1978), female lead singer Geneviève Marchesseau (born in 1975) and spiritual advisor Yahoo.The group is well known for their top 20 Canadian hits, "Dream About You" (which was featured in an episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation) and "Something To Say" in 2000.Critics claimed that their name, like that of their Canadian pop contemporaries B4-4, was a strategy to see their records filed in retail shelves shortly in front of the Backstreet Boys.Since the group's dismemberment, Marchesseau became a member of the live cover/show act, Th... read more
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