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Paradise Lust (2023 Remastered Version)
Paradise Lust (2023 Remastered Version)
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At Dawn They SleepCountry of origin: FinlandLocation: KotkaStatus: Split-upYear of creation: 1993Genre: Melodic Death/Dark MetalLyrical themes: N/ALast label: Northern Sound Records1993At Dawn They Sleep had its inception sometime during the year 1993 when a trash-crap-death band known as Brazen (Tuomo, Teemu and Petri) decided to recruit a vocalist (Jari) from a local punk band Oreth. Soon after that keyboard player Junnu followed by the guitarist Martti also joined the ranks. The name At Dawn They Sleep was given to the new band.1994Cellist Immi joined the band to bring some more orchestral feeling to the music. The first demo titled 'Red Sun' was recorded in a local studio. It sold some... read more
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