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Ary Barroso em Aquarelas, Vol. 1
Ary Barroso em Aquarelas, Vol. 1
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Ary Barroso (born November 7 1903 in Ubá, Minas Gerais and died February 9 1964 in Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian composer. One of his best known compositions is Aquarela do Brasil. His piece Na Baixa Do Sapateiro was featured in the Disney film The Three Caballeros and has been covered by groups such as The Bambi Molesters.Ary Barroso was the most influential pre-bossa nova composer in Brazil. Barroso's songs were recorded by a lengthy list of artists including Carmen Miranda and Joao Gilberto. His 1939 composition, "Aquarela Do Brazil," better known as "Brazil," was featured in the 1942 Disney film Saludos Amigos, and has gone on to become one of the 20 most recorded songs of all time. His song, &qu... read more