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Antti Tuisku (Born 27. Feb. 1984) is a Finnish pop artist from Rovaniemi. He has released seven albums: Ensimmäinen, Antti Tuisku, Minun jouluni, New York & Rovaniemi, Hengitän and Kaunis kaaos. His two albums, New York and Rovaniemi, were released at the same time, but, in the musical sense, they are very different. New York is a dance album and Rovaniemi consists of more traditional, melodic pop songs. He was the first artist in Finland to release two albums on the same date.Antti Tuisku's career started in 2004 with the debute album Ensimmäinen. Before his musical career, he had been studying and working as a sales assistant. In fall 2003, Tuisku had participated in the Finnish Idols contest. He had gained p... read more