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Against You All...
Against You All...
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In 1993, back when Black Metal was still deep underground in America, guitarist Blacknight teamed up with an inspired bassist/vocalist Khayr to form ANHKREHG. Rounded by Tormentor, Killer and Shrapnel, the hate fueled band released a series of demos and albums that established its name in the Canadian metal scene. Throughout the years, ANHKREHG showed signs of perseverance, taking a leap forward after every release and sharing the stage with bands such as Dark Funeral, Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm, Dimmu Borgir, Vintersorg and many more. 10 years after the original creation of ANHKREHG, Blacknight and Khayr now armed with insane drummer Infurya (Magister Dixit) entered Wild Studio with producer J-F Dagenais.. read more