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Atrocious HumanityUnder The Grayclouded Winter SkyThousand Years Of OppressionThe Sound Of Eight HoovesThe Pledge Of AllegianceThe Mighty Doors Of The Speargod's HallThe Last With Pagan BloodThe Fall Through GinnungagapThe Beheading Of A KingTattered Banners And Bloody FlagsSiegreicher Marsch (victorious March)Sabbath Bloody SabbathReleasing Surtur's FireNorth Sea StormNo Fear For The Setting SunMetalwrathMasters Of WarLive For The KillVaryags Of MiklagaardVersus The WorldAn Ancient Sign Of Coming StormBalls To The WallWrath Of The NorsemenValkyries RideArsonFor Victory Or DeathThe HeroWar MachineDoom Over Dead ManUnder The Northern StarDestroyer Of The UniverseWar Of The GodsTock's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part IiThe Last Stand Of FrejLive Without RegretsA Beast Am IWith Oden On Our SideLegend Of A Banished ManGods Of War AriseAsatorWhere Is Your GodThe Pursuit Of VikingsGuardians Of AsgaardCry Of The Black BirdsTwilight Of The Thunder GodFree Will SacrificeWithout FearVictorious MarchThe Dragon's Flight Across The WavesThe Arrival Of The Fimbul WinterSorrow Throughout The Nine WorldsRide For VengeanceOnce Sent From The Golden HallFriends Of The SuncrossBurning CreationAmon AmarthDeath In FireRunes To My MemoryGod, His Son & Holy WhoreFor The Stabwounds In Our BacksEyes Of HorrorEmbrace Of The Endless OceanDown The Slopes Of DeathBloodshedBleed For Ancient GodsBastards Of A Lying BreedAvengerAs Long As The Raven FliesArmy Of DarknessAnnihilation Of HammerfestAcross The Rainbow BridgeA Fury DivineThe Fate Of NornsWhere Silent Gods Stand GuardValhall Awaits Me
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Related Information for Amon Amarth Deeply rooted in melodic death metal with lyrics centered around Viking history and Norse mythology, Amon Amarth (formerly known as Scum) was formed, with the arrival of Johan Hegg as the new vocalist, in 1992 in Tumba, Sweden, a southern suburb of Stockholm. They began writing material with lots of melodies, harmonies and lyrics about Vikings and the norse Pantheon. In summer 1993 they entered Lagret Studio to record the Thor Arise demo, which would later on appear on the bonus disc of t.. read more