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Amélie-les-crayons is a four member French indie band from Lyon, France. Amélie, Heiko, Michel and Laurent met each other in 2002 and since then they have made astonishing nouvelle scene music and fanciful performances on the stage. After a huge success at the most famous French Festival in Bourges in 2004, Amélie-les-crayons then won the 2 Prizes of Montauban French Chanson Festival. In july, Quebec offered her the renowned Felix Leclerc Prize for her work and 6 months later, it was Belgium who congratulated Amélie with the Charleroi Festival Great Prize. The album "et pourquoi les crayons ?" released in June sold about 30 000 copies in a year, which is rather exceptional for a French independant band.Sweet and serene in real lif... read more
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