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Amboog-a-Lard was a thrash metal band from Florida. Formed in 1987 as a garage band, it went through brief successes but eventually flatlined by 1996. Some of its members moved onto bigger bands, the most famous one being Jeordie White who joined Marilyn Manson in December of 1993. The spearhead of their only release, A New Hope, centered around the theme of Star Wars but their music is characterized by deeper philosophical thoughts.Amboog-a-Lard was originally formed in 1987 as a garage band by Dan Fontana, George Kokkoris and Barry Alpert. They practiced in the garage of the Kokkoris family and their first gig was in early 1989 at "The Treehouse" in Hallandale, Florida. Jeordie White and Shawn Rogers finalized the band line-up.... read more