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The Evil's Entrails
The Evil's Entrails
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Alice in Darkland is a gothic metal band from Rozzano, Lombardy, Italy.The band was born in January 1999 from an idea of Alice Elizabeth Chiarelli (session keyboardist for Lacuna Coil in 1998). Two months later they released their first demo, "Bewitching the Mind", consisting of two tracks of symphonic and melancholic death metal with dark and gothic influences.In June 2000 they released demo, "Through Violet Perversion", consisting of four tracks of aggressive and powerful symphonic death metal.In September 2001 they finally got the chance to record and release their first full-length album through the labeò Nocturnal Music. “The Evil’s Entrails” was released in June 2002, available in the stores all over the world with... read more