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20 Selecionadas
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Ademilde Fonseca was born in the village of Pirituba, in the city of São Gonçalo of Amarante (RN), in Mar 4, 1921. Move to Natal (RN) when was 4 y.o. Marry the musician Naldimar Gedeão, with who was for Rio De Janeiro, in 1941. Worked in radio and it sang in programs of freshmen until getting success with its interpretation of the immortal song "Tico-tico no Fubá" to the side of the "regional" (tippical band) of Benedict Lacerda. First record: 1942. Ademilde started to record songs of great composers, mainly of the style with that more she was identified: the Choro. Soon she was known as "the Queen of the Chorinho". In 1944 was contracted by Radio Tupi; work with great musicians, as Waldir Azevedo, Claud.. read more