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Process of Elimination
Process of Elimination
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1) Abortus, also known as Abortus-Deradelphus, is a one man porn-gore-noise band from the Netherlands. Abortus-Deradelphus was formed in the late summer of 2007. The band is inspired by the Dutch Black Metal band, Botulistum, as well the sick work of, Babygrinder, BFO, R.S.V, Haklust, Intestinal Disgorge, Eindeloos Gegorgel, Geitenbaard, Bastaerdschwaerd, and Kontmaagd.The band members of the Dutch porno-gore band Kontmaagd Schandtpaelbehaegher, and Maeghdenverschalckher, decided to start a new project, and they came up with a band that was called, Beltfeeder, a blast-death-krieg Metal band. However, the plans for this band had never left the drawing board. So, Schandtpaelbehaegher from Kontmaagd, started a new band of... read more